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On This Rock - ASWWU Global Service Project 2017-2018

February 26 - June 18
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ASWWU Global Service is a department of the Associated Students of Walla Walla University that sponsors a foreign aid project every year.

This year we’re partnering with non-profit Beehive International to build the carpentry workshop that will be a part of a trade school in Haiti - a project we call On this Rock.

Beehive International hopes to be able to teach people practical skills at this trade school so they can find employment and sustain themselves and their families.

Our fundraising goal for the year is $60,000.

Haiti was once considered the Pearl of the Caribbean, but its history has been plagued with suffering which has caused it to remain the least developed country in the Americas. There are many needs in Haiti, but there is especially a need for a balanced education. An education that encompasses the mental as well as the physical and spiritual. An education that promotes self-sustainability.

This is where Beehive International comes into play. They have started a project, called The Pearl, which aims to build a trade school in Haiti where industrial arts will be taught.

Beehive international’s philosophy is unique because they believe the best way to help somebody is to empower them to help themselves.

In Psalm 118:22 it says: “The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.” We believe God has big plans for this small school and so this year we are claiming this promise for our project in Haiti.

For more information or to donate, please click here.