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Christmas in July Water Drive

July 25

Location: All locations

On Wednesday, July 25, the Positive Life Radio Network, in conjunction with rural fire departments, will host their annual Christmas in July, a Hands and Heart Project, with a bottled water drive to help hydrate firefighters all over the Inland Northwest.

This year we are again focusing on our local firefighters by asking the community to bring sealed cases of bottled water or sports drinks containing electrolytes to fire departments to help replenish their stock for the fire season.

 “Rural firefighting resources are often the first line of defense in meeting expanded protection needs for wildland-urban interface fires. Of the more than 35,000 local fire agencies nationwide, 75% are volunteer. They provide nearly 80% of initial attack on wildland fires in the United States. These departments provide, at no cost, wildfire and emergency protection service to 43% of the population, at an estimated value of $36 billion per year.” – US Forest Service

As a way to help get you in the giving spirit, Positive Life Radio will play your favorite Christmas classics throughout the event, which lasts from 6am to 8PM on July 25. Tune into your local station to hear the sounds of Christmas.

“We are happy to have been able to host Christmas in July for many years,” says Ernest Beck, Network Program Director. “The outpouring of generosity from listeners is always encouraging.”