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Feed the Need Fundraiser

March 22
09:00 am 02:00 pm
Location: Richland

Students, parents, staff and friends from Liberty Christian School are asking the community to join them as they raise funds to send 10,000 healthy meals for hungry children to Haiti, as well as help the school raise much-needed funds.

The school is participating in a project called FEED THE NEED. The project culminates on March 22 when most of the school’s 400 students as well as faculty, staff and many parents will assemble the meals. (For an idea of what the packing party looks like, check out this video).

Once packed, 8,500 meals will be sent to a distribution point managed by the Champion Group and Feed the Hunger, where they will be shipped and distributed to hungry children at schools and orphanages in Haiti. The remaining 1,500 meals will be donated to the Tri-Cities Union Gospel Mission.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Over the past decade, devastating natural disasters including a powerful earthquake and several hurricanes have left many Haitians homeless and hungry, and thousands of children without parents.

In addition to the meals for Haitian children, the school will be raising funds to help Tri-Cities area students afford a Christian school education.

“Tuition and fees only cover 81% of the school’s expenses with the remaining provided through fundraisers and donations,” noted school Administrator Jim Cochran. “The Feed the Need event is an opportunity to expand the support base for the school while allowing our students a mission-centered activity that will have a true humanitarian impact.”

Liberty Christian is asking local residents and businesses to support or sponsor the effort, which will benefit both Haitian children and the school. To donate, or to be a business sponsor, call or email the school at ( 509-946-0602;feedtheneed@libertychristian.net )

Liberty Christian School provides a Biblically-based education, marked by academic excellence, in a nurturing atmosphere. Students are encouraged to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and live committed Christian lives. For more information, visit the school’s website at: http://www.libertychristian.net

Liberty Christian School of the Tri-Cities
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