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Summer Junior Ranger Program

May 13 - September 23
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Lewiston

Get your kids engrossed with nature at Hell's Gate State Park!
Learn about nature through music! Get up and join in as we sing and dance with these interactive and educational nature songs. We will cover subjects such as Fungus Bacteria and Invertebrates (the F.B.I), plant parts, food chains, and wild creatures. We’ll talk a bit about some different musical instruments as well. Park entrance is free with your Idaho State Parks Passport or $5 per vehicle.

Hells Gate State Park
5100 Hells Gate Road
Lewiston, ID 83501

May 13th 10am-12pm International Migratory Bird Day.
This day is for the birds! Come and learn about the many migratory birds passing through hells gate on their annual spring migration. Learn about bird identification, do some introductory birdwatching, and play some bird games. Compare your ‘wingspan’ to some of our biggest birds. Meet Ranger Greg Hodapp at the Discovery Center.

May 27th 10am-12pm Edible plants trees and flowers.
Join Ranger Greg Hodapp in exploring some of our edible plants trees and flowers at Hells Gate State Park. Early Summer is a great time to learn about and sample greens, berries, fruits, and water plants in the park. Come dressed to walk around in non-trail areas, and for sunny weather. Meet Ranger Greg Hodapp at the Discovery Center.

June 10th 10am-12pm Tracks and Scat- “who pooped in the park.”
Learn about identifying different mammals and birds by their tracks and their scat. Learn what the heck ‘scat’ is- we’ll have to sing the Scat song to find out! We will be looking at animal tracks and scat around the discovery center, and some sites close by. Come dress to walk in warm weather. Meet Ranger Greg Hodapp at the discovery center.

June 24th 10am-12pm Water Creatures!
Come catch, observe, and learn about some really cool aquatic insect nymphs at Hells Gate State Park. We will be using nets and a kick seine to catch amazing looking dragonfly nymphs, mayfly nymphs, and many, many others. One year we even caught a steelhead fingerling! Come learn about who these water creatures are and what they mean in determining stream water quality and pollution levels. Meet Ranger Greg Hodapp in the Day Use parking lot, near the volleyball court.

July 8th 10am-12pm Experience the Missoula Floods
Come learn about the cataclysmic forces that helped shape the valley we call home. You might not know it by looking around today, but giant floods during the ice age put large parts of this region deep underwater for short periods of time. Come experience how it happened. Bring clothes that can get dirty and wet. Meet Ranger Greg Hodapp at the discovery center.

August 5th 10am-12pm Hunting the FBI (Fungus Bacteria and Invertebrates)
Ever wonder what the FBI really does? Shhh.. I can tell you. They are in the business of DECOMPOSITION! That’s right FBI agents Fungus, Bacteria, and Invertebrate are on the job, fighting to decompose organic material and turn it into something beneficial to society- soil! Come learn about who they are and what they do. We will be hunting for them under rocks and logs so bring clothes that can get dirty. Meet Ranger Greg Hodapp in the Day Use parking lot, near the volley ball court.

August 19th 10am-12pm The music of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
Ever wonder how the participants of the Corps of Discovery entertained themselves, or how people communicated ideas during that time in history? Learn about the musicians of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, their music, and the different things music and songs were used for during that time period. Beat the heat with Ranger Greg Hodapp, by coming inside the air-conditioned Discovery Center for this program.

September 2nd 10am-12pm Wild fruits and nuts
Come learn about some of the wild fruits and nuts growing here at Hells Gate. Depending on how the season has gone, we may be able sample some as well. Many wild foods like these are edible by humans, but many that are not are also extremely important to local and migratory wildlife. We will take a look at which of our animal friends enjoy nature’s snacks as well. Meet Ranger Greg Hodapp at the Discovery Center

September 23rd 10am-12pm Migration Across the Nation!
Find out what it’s like to be a migratory bird travelling from their nesting grounds to their over-wintering grounds during their fall migration. What hazards do they face along the way? What habitats are they utilizing? Learn how to identify these amazing animals and why they do this whole migration thing in the first place. Meet Ranger Greg Hodapp at the Day Use parking lot, by the volleyball court.