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Jun 08, 2015 17:08
Category: Station News

4th of July Concert in the Park

Positive Life Radio would like to invite you to join them and guest artist David Dunn at the 4th of July celebrations in Walla Walla and Wentachee. You know Dunn from his songs “Today is Beautiful” and "Have Everything" that you can hear on Positive Life Radio.

Dunn has made an appearance on TV’s “The Voice” and is now releasing his new album Crystal Clear this year. Culled from nearly 100 songs that were written over two and a half years, Dunn’s main goal is “to tell the truth, and do it in a beautiful way.”

“Two and a half years is a lot of time for me to change as an individual,” Dunn shares. “When I write songs, they are usually about what I’ve been learning. Art is my context for being able to say what’s on my mind, and hopefully, it can help encourage those who are in a similar place in life.”

Be sure to stop by the Positive Life Radio booth! We'll see you there!

12:00 Noon at Pioneer Park
Walla Walla

7:15 PM at Walla Walla Point Park