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Nov 07, 2011 13:36
Category: Religious News

80,000 Muslims pray on the street in Moscow

     MOSCOW (AP) - Tens of thousands of Muslim men have knelt
shoulder-to-shoulder in prayer on the freezing streets of Moscow to
celebrated the religious holiday of Eid al-Adha.
     Estimates of the number of Muslims in the Russian capital run
from 2 million to as high as 5 million, but the city has few
     Police said 170,000 people celebrated the holiday in Moscow,
including 80,000 who gathered on the street outside what was once
the main mosque. The 100-year-old building was torn down in
September and a new mosque being built next to it is still under
     Many of those who braved the freezing temperatures to pray on
Sunday were migrant workers from countries in Central Asia that
were once part of the Soviet Union.