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< Last of Gadhafi's Loyast Driven Out Of His Home Town
Oct 20, 2011 13:48
Category: Religious News

Afghanistan lack in religious liberty

     WASHINGTON (AP) - The president of Open Doors USA doubts that
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will address the lack of
religious freedom in Afghanistan during her unannounced visit that
began Wednesday.
     The Rev. Carl Moeller says that's despite a U.S. State
Department report that details ongoing persecution of Christians
and other religious minorities 10 years after American forces
overthrew the Taliban regime. It found that there are no churches
in the entire country, and that Afghans who convert from Islam to
Christianity face severe persecution.
     Moeller says the U.S. has spent billions of dollars and lost
more than a thousand lives propping up a regime that denies
religious liberty.
     He plans to present his concerns about Afghanistan and other
intolerant nations in a meeting today with the U.S.
ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom.