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Jul 26, 2012 13:57
Category: Religious News

Aids - HIV Faith Summit

WASHINGTON (AP) — Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church and other evangelical leaders have met in the nation's capital to discuss the role of the faith community in the international effort against HIV-AIDS.

The International AIDS Conference is meeting in Washington this week.

Both President Barack Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney addressed the faith gathering by recorded video statements. Obama said "the work of the church" is crucial in the battle against HIV-AIDS. Romney said "faith-based organizations play a vital role."

World Vision International AIDS global advisor Cristo Greyling said he is encouraged about changing attitudes about the role of the church in addressing the crisis. He said church leaders are not only providing care "but full also providing full information on prevention." Greyling, a hemophiliac, says his church rejected his call for an AIDS ministry until he disclosed he was HIV-positive.