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< Amish Attack
May 01, 2012 12:47
Category: Religious News

Air Travel - Profiling App

 WASHINGTON (AP) - A Sikh advocacy group has launched a free
mobile phone application that allows travelers to complain
immediately to the government if they feel they've been treated
unfairly by airport screeners.
     Launched at midnight by The Sikh Coalition, the FlyRights app
had fielded two complaints by 10 a.m. EDT Monday.
     The first complaint came from a woman who said she felt
mistreated after she disclosed to a screener that she was carrying
breast milk. A man who is Sikh filed the second complaint, saying
he was subjected to extra security even though he had not set off
any alarms.
     The app, available for iPhone and Android phones, was conceived
in response to complaints from Sikhs in the U.S, who say they're
often subjected to additional inspection. Singh said some are made
to remove their turbans, which Sikhs wear for religious reasons.