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May 01, 2012 12:46
Category: Religious News

Amish Attack

CLEVELAND (AP) - Federal prosecutors say a suspect in beard- and
hair-cutting attacks against fellow Amish in Ohio joked about the
assaults and said he'd do it again.
     Prosecutors also say Lester Mullet was a willing and joyful
participant in the attacks last fall. A filing in federal court in
Cleveland asks Judge Dan Polster to keep Mullet in jail pending
     Mullet's attorney said in a court filing that Mullet is needed
at home to help his pregnant wife and their three children. But the
government says there are no bond conditions that would guarantee
Mullet would show up in court or not be a danger to the Amish
     Mullet has pleaded not guilty. His father, Sam Mullet Sr., is
the attacks' alleged ringleader.