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< No Victims ID'd By Police Yet In CA Salon Shooting
Oct 13, 2011 18:13
Category: Religious News

Amish Attacks

Five men suspected of forcefully
cutting the beards of fellow Amish have been arraigned in an Ohio
courtroom and released on $50,000 bonds.
     The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Levi Miller, Johnny
Mullet, Lester Mullet and two other men were in Holmes County
Municipal Court on Wednesday on kidnapping and burglary charges.
Prosecutor Steve Knowling tells the newspaper the leader of their
group, Sam Mullet, posted bail.
     The sheriff says men entered a home Oct. 3 and used scissors and
clippers to cut the beards of the bishop of another community and
his son.
     Amish beards carry spiritual significance. Mullet says
beard-cuttings are in response to criticism from other Amish
leaders about his practices.