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Jan 23, 2012 13:45
Category: Religious News

Arizona Bible Course Bill

  PHOENIX (AP) - An Arizona lawmaker is pushing to create a high
school course about the Bible and its role in Western culture with
a bill that threatens to drop the state into a constitutional
dilemma over the separation of church and state.
     At least five other states - all in the Bible Belt - have passed
similar legislation and the bill's sponsor says students would
benefit from the course because biblical references are everywhere.
Critics say the proposal is unnecessary and divisive and could be
unconstitutional because it "sets aside Christianity as a
preferred religion."
     Public schools across the country have generally avoided Bible
courses, but hundreds offer such classes as electives. In 1963, the
U.S. Supreme Court banned ceremonial Bible readings in schools but
said "the Bible is worthy of study for its literary and historic
qualities" so long as material is "presented objectively as part
of a secular program of education."