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Dec 19, 2011 13:55
Category: Religious News

Atheist Billboart Rejection

     MANSFIELD, Ohio (AP) - An Ohio atheist group is upset that a
Mansfield-based company rejected billboards depicting Jesus,
Poseidon, Satan and Santa Clause as myths.
     The Mansfield News Journal reports that Mid Ohio Atheists
accused Lind Media of waiting until one business day before the
billboards were to go up to inform the group that they had been
     Lind vice president Maura Siegenthaler says the company felt
that the signs were intentionally shocking. She says it's the
company's right to reject content it deems inappropriate.
     American Atheists President Dave Silverman, who heads the Ohio
organization's parent group, says the billboards showed how
atheists recognize Poseidon, Jesus, Santa and the devil as myths.
He says the target audience is "fellow atheists who are still in
the closet."