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May 23, 2012 12:16
Category: Religious News

AWOL Soldier

WACO, Texas (AP) - Prosecutors in Texas say a Muslim soldier was
stopped just hours before completing assembly of a bomb that he
planned to detonate at a restaurant full of Fort Hood troops.
     Pfc. Naser Jason Abdo faces up to life in prison if convicted of
attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and five other
     In opening statements at the federal trial in Waco, prosecutor
Gregg Sofer said that when Abdo was arrested at a motel near the
Army post in July, police found components for an explosive device
in his room and backpack, showing he "intended to commit mass
     But lead defense attorney Zach Boyd countered that no bomb was
ever built.
     Abdo was AWOL from Fort Campbell, Ky., when he was arrested in
Killeen. He told investigators that he went to Texas to "martyr
himself" for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, according to FBI
special agent C. Michael Owens, the first prosecution witness.