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< Colo. Church Moves Toward Leaving Denomination
Mar 05, 2012 18:37
Category: Religious News

Christian Men's Conference

     SPRINGFIELD, Va. (AP) - The co-producer of the Christian film
"Courageous" says women have generally supported rather than
objected to its call for male leadership in the home.
     Stephen Kendrick says many have applauded the film's challenge
to husbands to "step up" and lead their families.
     Kendrick and Randy Stinson, president of the Council on Biblical
Manhood and Womanhood, spoke at an "Iron Sharpens Iron"
conference attended by more than 1,000 men over the weekend at a
church near Washington D.C.
     Stinson says, "The Bible calls men to be leaders, providers,
protectors" - in a way he said should be sacrificial rather than
     Stinson, who also is Dean of Church Ministries at Southern
Baptist Theological Seminary, understands the Bible to teach that
"men and women are equal in the image of God but still have
different roles and functions."