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Dec 01, 2013 16:31
Category: Station News

Christmas Packages on Positive Life Radio

It probably has a lot to do with longing for simpler times, but at Christmas, practically everyone wants to hear the songs they remember from their childhood. Once again this Christmas, Positive Life Radio is going to use those songs to cause people tuning across the dial to STOP and hear the best news on earth. Christ was born!

Positive Life Radio is going to play some of the favorites from your childhood, specifically designed to make us a familiar place for new listeners tuning in. And once they’re listening, we’ll make sure they hear the songs that talk about the CHRIST of Christmas – the true reason for the season.

Each Christmas package of songs will have a traditional favorite, something a little more non-traditional, and a Christmas favorite from your favorite Christian artists.

We started this concept a number of years ago, and God took those seeds that were planted and has been watering them. We need your help in this on-going project…please pray that God causes people to listen to Positive Life Radio long enough to hear about His Son. Then, tell your friends. Let them know if they’re looking for the Best Christmas music around, there’s only one place to turn. Positive Life Radio.