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Aug 07, 2012 13:04
Category: Religious News

Church - Black Wedding

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A predominantly white Mississippi church has apologized for refusing to let a black couple marry in its sanctuary, though the couple said Monday they knew nothing of the apology until a reporter called.

The First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs posted the apology on its website Sunday, saying it was seeking "forgiveness and reconciliation" with Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson, with their families and friends and with God.

However, Charles Wilson said the church had not contacted him or his wife. He said only one or two people from the church have contacted him in recent weeks, and they did so personally and not as representatives of the church.

The Wilsons had planned a marriage ceremony at the church July 21, but some members objected to Pastor Stan Weatherford after the couple's rehearsal. The couple's wedding was held in a predominantly black church, where Weatherford officiated.