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Feb 07, 2012 13:23
Category: Religious News

Church - Racial Slur

 GOLDEN CITY, Mo. (AP) - The pastor of a southwest Missouri
church says he found a racial slur directed at Hispanics on his
building but doesn't want to press charges against the teenage
     The Joplin Globe reports that Pastor Greg Earl wants the teens
to come to Mission of Encouragement Church and get to know the
Hispanic members. The Golden City church began offering a
Spanish-language service in August.
     The Rev. Earl says the slur was written using chalk and came off
easily with window cleaner.
     Barton County Sheriff Mitchell Shaw says two teens were
identified as responsible and that the parties are working together
to find a reasonable resolution.
     Earl says he doesn't want the teens to have a record. He wants
them to "repent and come to the Lord."