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Mar 12, 2012 18:33
Category: General News

Convicted Bank Robber Appeals Sentence

     LEWISTON, Idaho (AP) - A 70-year-old convicted bank robber, who
was shot by police during his arrest, is appealing his sentence of
8-years to life.
     The Lewiston Tribune reports David L. Payton's appeal is being
filed by Idaho's State Appellate Public Defender's Office.
     The Clarkston, Wash., man pleaded guilty to robbery and
aggravated assault in an agreement that allowed him to argue for
leniency in sentencing.
     Payton was shot several times as officers attempted to arrest
him after the Feb. 3 robbery of a U.S. Bank branch in Lewiston.
Three officers fired after Payton pointed a handgun at a sheriff's
deputy and refused to put it down.
     The $3,000 taken in the robbery has not been recovered.