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Apr 24, 2012 14:46
Category: Religious News

Cowboy Church - Theft

    HAYSVILLE, Kan. (AP) - The pastor of a small Kansas church that
serves cowboys and cowgirls says he's forgiven the thieves who
caused thousands of dollars of damage at the church over the
     The thieves destroyed air conditioners at the Prairie Trail
Cowboy Church in Haysville, just south of Wichita. They got away
with only about 40 dollars worth of aluminum.
     KWCH reports church members found the damage as they arrived for
services Sunday. A member of the congregation saw a truck near the
church's air conditioners on Saturday afternoon but assumed it was
a repairman.
     Pastor Chris Bray is offering forgiveness to the thieves. He
says the church is ready to help anyone who is so desperate and
obviously needs help.