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Oct 06, 2011 13:38
Category: Religious News

Dietary change at Ohio's prisons

     COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - A decision by Ohio officials to remove all
pork products from prison menus in response to a lawsuit by Muslim
inmates is not sitting well with pork producers and processors.
     Both promise action of their own, including a possible counter
lawsuit, to address what they consider an unfair and illogical
decision. Dick Isler, executive director of the Ohio Pork Producers
Council, said the decision "isn't in the best interest of the rest
of the prisoners."
     Ironically, the Muslim inmates' lawsuit doesn't involve pork at
all; it demands that non-pork meats like beef come from animals
slaughtered according to Islamic law. But the prison system
responded by removing pork as an option altogether.
     Prison spokeswoman JoEllen Smith said removing pork assures that
inmates' religious practices aren't jeopardized by pork coming into
contact with other food during preparation.