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Sep 30, 2011 17:49
Category: General News

Direct Primary Care

     SEATTLE (AP) - A Seattle startup that is changing the way some
people in Washington receive primary medical care opens a new
clinic Monday in Tacoma.
     Qliance doesn't take insurance. It charges
individuals or businesses a flat monthly rate of $49 to $129, based
on patients' age. The service is typically bundled with a separate
insurance plan for expensive medical care.
     By cutting the paperwork for routine medical visits, Qliance
says it can reduce costs and give patients a better experience.
     It was started in 2006 by two doctors and has clinics in
Seattle, Mercer Island and Kent and an affiliate in Mill Creek.
     The company hopes to expand outside Washington. Other direct
primary care clinics already are operating other states, but
Qliance may be the first in Washington.