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< New Canadians - Burqa ban
Dec 13, 2011 13:56
Category: Religious News

Egypt Tourism

    CAIRO (AP) - Islamists are dominating Egypt's elections and some
of them have a new message for tourists: welcome, but no booze,
bikinis or mixed bathing at beaches, please.
     That vision of turning Egypt into a sin-free vacation spot could
spell doom for a key pillar of the economy that has already been
badly battered by this year's political unrest.
     Since their success in the first round of parliamentary
elections, the Muslim Brotherhood and the even more fundamentalist
party of Salafi Muslims have been under pressure from media and the
public to define their stance on a wide range of issues, especially
those related to Islamic law, personal freedoms, the rights of
women and minorities, the flagging economy and tourism.
     The Salafis are up front about seeking to impose strict Islamic
law in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood says publicly that it does not
seek to force its views about an appropriate Islamic lifestyle on