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Oct 13, 2011 18:17
Category: Religious News


     CAIRO (AP) - Egypt's military rulers are now blaming Christian
protesters and "enemies of the revolution" for triggering clashes
that left 26 dead, almost all of them Christians.
     At a news conference to present their version of the events,
generals from the Supreme Council showed footage of priests and a
Coptic Christian activist they accused of "instigating" the
violence on Sunday night with calls for demonstrations and of
storming the state television building. He accused protesters of
"savage" attacks on the military.
     Many of those killed were crushed when armored military vehicles
sped through crowds of protesters and ran them over. Other victims
had gunshot wounds.
     Witnesses and Christian protesters have denied the demonstrators
started the fighting. Videos show the violence appeared to begin
when military police charged protesters who were peacefully holding
speeches outside the state TV building. Another shows a soldier
firing at protesters at close range from the back of a speeding
armored vehicle weaving through the crowd.