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Jan 09, 2012 13:15
Category: Religious News

GOP Campaign - Religion

  MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) - Republican presidential candidates are
denouncing what they consider attacks on religious rights.
     In ABC's New Hampshire debate Saturday, Rick Perry cited
policies of President Barack Obama's administration that the Texas
governor said amount to a "war on religion."
     Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich pointed to the
disqualification of Catholic agencies that oppose abortion or gay
marriage as part of an emerging pattern of secular "anti-Christian
     Former Gov. Mitt Romney agreed that legalizing gay marriage in
Massachusetts has created problems for the free practice of
     In Sunday's NBC/Facebook debate, Rick Santorum was asked, "What
if you had a son who came to you and said he was gay?"
     The former Pennsylvania senator answered, "I would love him as
much as I did the second before he said it, and I would try to do
everything I can to be as good a father to him as possible."
     Later Sunday in South Carolina, Santorum requested prayers for
"a hedge of protection" around him and his family.