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Sep 14, 2011 13:25
Category: Religious News

Havana Church

     HAVANA (AP) - An evangelical pastor and 60 of his flock have
been holed up in a Havana church for more than three weeks under
the watchful eye of Cuban police.
     The worshippers are led by pastor Braulio Herrera. His son
William says they are there voluntarily and it is a regular
spiritual retreat aimed at "liberating Cuba from sins."
     William Herrera denied press reports that the church is
anticipating the end of the world or pressing for political change.
He spoke to The Associated Press by phone from the temple.
     An official note published in state media said authorities
surrounded the church after family members expressed worries about
loved ones inside, including four pregnant women and 19 minors, but
that everyone was there of their own free will.