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Feb 07, 2012 13:26
Category: Religious News

Houses of Worship - NYC schools

 ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - A bill that would allow religious
congregations to continue renting New York City public schools for
worship services has passed the state Senate, but it's unclear
whether the state Assembly and Gov. Andrew Cuomo will approve it.
     The city has told congregations that this coming Sunday, Feb.
12, is the last day they can worship in its public schools.
     The legislation blocking that decree is supported by the Rev.
Fernando Cabrera, a New York City Councilman and pastor. His church
has its own building, but he's afraid scores of other congregations
will soon be homeless.
     Cabrera calls that an attack on all religious New Yorkers, and
he's urging them to contact their elected officials.