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Nov 28, 2011 13:00
Category: Religious News

Ice Nativity

     GRAZ, AUSTRIA (AP) - Carved out of crystal-clear ice, a giant
Christmas Nativity sculpture has emerged once again in Graz,
Austria, to the delight of thousands who visit the city's Advent
     Ice sculptor Gert J. Hoedl and his international team used ice
blocks, chainsaws, ice chisels and their imagination to create the
large-scale Nativity scene, replete with life-size figures.
     They've been creating the ice sculptures to commemorate the
start of the Advent season every year since 1996, with variations
in details, and claim it's the biggest ice Nativity scene in the
     This year, Hoedl and his ice-sculpting team -- two from Finland,
two from Latvia and two from Austria -- used 54 tons of ice for the
     Jesus, Mary and Joseph, as well as angels and stars were
meticulously carved.
     The sculpture is supposed to stay in place until January 7, a
day after Epiphany.