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< 42 Wash. lawmakers ask DEA to reclassify marijuana
Jan 30, 2012 17:34
Category: General News

In Wash., More Financial Aid, But Also More Need

     SEATTLE (AP) - Finding money to send kids to college is getting
harder, despite improvement in the state economy.
     A new report from the Washington Higher Education Coordinating
Board says more students received financial aid last year. But even
more families aren't getting the help they needed.
     State officials and Washington families are expecting this year
to be worse, because they see no relief from the steady rise in
     Financial aid for in-state students has gone up 34 percent over
the past three years. But the growth in applications for financial
aid for the same students has gone up twice as fast.
     State officials say the number of students qualified for the
state need grant, who didn't get the money they needed, now totals
about 25,000 students.