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Sep 28, 2011 18:17
Category: Religious News

Iran - US Hikers - Religion

     ELKINS PARK, Pennsylvania (AP) - For the 26 months that Josh
Fattal was held captive in Iran, his mother and brother
constantly called for his release. But his father, Jacob Fattal,
never said a word.
     It's now clear why: The family feared that their Jewish faith --
and Jacob Fattal's ties to Israel -- could make Josh's situation
worse because of Iran's hard line against Israel.
     Jacob Fattal is an Iraqi-born Jew who lived in Israel before
moving to the United States and raising a family, according to the
Israeli newspaper Haaretz and the Philadelphia-based Jewish
     In 2009, his son Josh Fattal was hiking with friends Shane Bauer
and Sarah Shourd near Iraq's border with Iran when they
were detained by Iranian authorities, who charged them with spying.
     Shourd was released about a year later. Fattal and Bauer spent
more than two years in Iran's Evin prison before being freed last
week under a $1 million bail deal.