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Oct 16, 2012 13:37
Category: Religious News

Isreal Houghton Defends Joel Osteen

WASHINGTON (AP) — Lakewood Church worship leader Israel Houghton says after working with Pastor Joel Osteen for more than 11 years he can testify that "he's the real deal."

The Grammy award winning gospel singer says he knows that some Christians dismiss Osteen's preaching as little more than positive thinking. But Houghton says he's seen the changes God has worked in the lives of members of the nation's largest congregation.

Houghton estimates that about three million people are faithful viewers of the many preachers on Christian television. But he says an additional seven million un-churched viewers watch Joel Osteen every Sunday.

Houghton says he would rather offend Christian leaders who think Osteen doesn't preach enough about sin than the many non-Christians who are attracted to Osteen's message of God's love for them.