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Nov 29, 2011 14:00
Category: Religious News

Isreal - Palestinian holy site

JERUSALEM (AP) - Israel's prime minister has intervened to halt
renovation work on a pedestrian walkway adjacent to the most
sensitive holy site in Jerusalem to avoid inflaming public opinion
in the Arab world.
     The renovation is meant to replace a rickety wooden ramp leading
up to the enclosure known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to
Muslims as al-Aqsa. The ramp was meant to be temporary when it was
built in 2004 to replace an earlier one that collapsed in a
snowstorm, but fears of sparking Muslim anger have prevented any
further work since then.
     The dismantling of the temporary walkway, which Jerusalem city
officials have deemed potentially unsafe, was supposed to have
begun in recent days, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered
the work postponed. He cited recent unrest in neighboring Egypt,
implying that anger there could be turned against Israel if his
government were seen to be endangering a holy site.