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< Wash. Lawmakers Push Driving-Related Fee Hikes
Feb 07, 2012 18:10
Category: General News

Key Lawmaker Wants Vote on Wash. Capital Gains Tax

     OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) - The Senate's chief budget writer is
proposing that voters get to decide on not only a temporary sales
tax increase this year, but also on a permanent capital gains tax
that would be dedicated to paying for education.
     Sen. Ed Murray told The Associated Press on Monday he doesn't
want major education cuts or cuts to critical care hospitals to be
decided by voters, as proposed by Gov. Chris Gregoire in November.
     Instead, Murray said that he wants to see Republicans and
majority Democrats maintain those programs by taking some tax votes
- on things like business and occupation preferential rates and
cigarette taxes - this session.
     In addition to a temporary sales tax proposed by Gregoire,
Murray wants voters to get their say on a permanent capital gains
tax he says would bring in hundreds of millions of dollars a year.