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Sep 13, 2018 16:21
Category: Station News

Listening to Positive Life Radio in a van during a vacation in Costa Rica

I love it when I get the chance to share a story of how Positive Life Radio touches lives in unexpected ways. We recently received this note from Bill:

While on vacation in Costa Rica, my wife and I hired a van for a day trip. Juan Carlos (JC), our driver, was a talkative and engaging guy who talked about a wide range of topics during our hour and a half drive. At some point during the trip, JC shared with us that he works with churches in the Guanacaste region. He shared his own conversion story from 20 years ago and how he came to be active in outreach. We responded positively to his stories and he ultimately asked if we are Christians and we said yes. With this news he excitedly asked if he could listen to his favorite radio station, Positive Life Radio. So for about 3 hours, we listened to Positive Life Radio as JC live-streamed it into our van.

God makes these amazing stories possible – and He uses your prayers and financial support to make them happen.

In just a few days Fall Fundraiser, Sept. 18-21, our most important fundraising event of the year, will be here. Asking for financial support is a challenge when so many families are experiencing financial uncertainty. But, I honestly believe that our listening family values the ministry of Positive Life Radio now more than ever and are willing to support it. As we prepare for that important fundraising event I want to thank you in advance for your continuing support. I know it’s not easy, but it’s important – an investment in eternity.

Your donation helps Positive Life Radio reach over 60,000 people every week. Remember, all gifts are needed and welcome no matter the size. Thank you!

You never know how God will use your gift to bless someone – like JC in Costa Rica. You might not know exactly how, but you can be sure that God will bless your gift and it will allow amazing things to happen. Thank you for making it all possible with your support.


Sali Miller
Acting Network General Manager