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< Mass. school district marks Muslim holiday
Nov 08, 2011 13:15
Category: Religious News

Miss. Baptists voting on personhood amendment today

   JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - Mississippi's largest religious
denomination is urging voters to approve an initiative on today's
ballot that would make "every human being from the moment of
fertilization" a "person" under state law.
     The Rev. Jimmy Porter, who heads the Mississippi Baptist
Convention's Christian Action Commission, says the personhood
amendment reflects the biblical view of life in the womb.
     Opponents say the measure would ban not only abortion, but some
forms of birth control as well.
     Bishop Joseph Latino says the Diocese of Jackson, Miss., neither
supports nor opposes the personhood amendment, but is allowing
Catholics to vote their conscience. Latino says he's concerned that
the measure could have unintended consequences.