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Oct 09, 2012 12:50
Category: Religious News

Missing Priest

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The sister of a Roman Catholic priest from Indianapolis who went missing last week in Greece says her family is relieved he's made it safely out of that country after a nerve-racking week during which they feared for his life.

Nadia Kappes Charcap says her brother, the Rev. Christiaan Kappes, called their father's home Monday morning and told him he had left Greece and was in another country, which she declined to disclose.

Charcap said her 36-year-old brother did not explain during his call where he had been during the past week and their father was so overjoyed he didn't ask for details.

Charcap said her brother and his translator had gone to a Greek police station Oct. 1 to tell authorities they were both in danger because members of the translator's family wanted to kill them to get $70,000 from her inheritance.