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Jan 23, 2012 18:39
Category: General News

Mount Ranier Dangers

     SEATTLE (AP) - As the search for four people on Mount Rainier
stretches into its second week, experts say the rewards for the
hearty few who attempt the summit of the 14,411-foot
heavily-glaciated volcano in winter are great - and so are the
     Thousands head to the mountain in Washington state each winter
to snowshoe, winter camp and take in the views. A few hundred of
them attempt to summit the massive volcano in the winter.
     Experts say the same elements that draw climbers and others to
Mount Rainier in the winter can also make searches and rescues
challenging. Winter storms on Rainier are frequent, fierce and
     The tough conditions were brought to the forefront recently
after two groups totaling four people were reported missing on the
mountain. The two campers and two climbers were due a week ago.
Crews looking for them have been pushed back by winds of up to 60
mph, white out conditions, high avalanche dangers and deep snow.
     Park rangers believe they are well-equipped for winter
conditions but worry they're running out of supplies.