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Oct 13, 2011 18:15
Category: Religious News

Muslim Superheros

     DETROIT (AP) - Comic book fans might call it a great origin
story: In the aftermath of 9/11, a Muslim man creates a comic book
series, "The 99," inspired by the principles of his faith.
     It builds a global audience and investors contribute millions
for it to continue and expand. But there have been obstacles for
the creator, Naif Al-Mutawa.
     Some hardline Muslims think the series should not use human
characters to embody the 99 qualities of Allah, as spelled out in
the Quran.
     The series has yet to gain traction in the United States, where
the political and cultural climate since 9/11 has brought
skepticism and suspicion about anything related to Islam.
     Al-Mutawa says the resistance is evidence that more is needed to
counter intolerant ideologies of all types.