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Jan 16, 2013 18:43
Category: Announcer Blog

Netcast Streaming - Easy Stuff

The Netcast is so easy to access I find myself making use of it often. I went on a Winter-Walk with my kids a couple days ago and I wanted to listen to Positive Life Radio while we made our way down the road. It was so easy and convenient to just start streaming Positive Life Radio.

As I was streaming the songs I've come to love so much I thought about how I should talk about it more - to make sure our entire listening family knows they can listen in - anytime - anywhere.

Whether you're on a computer, a tablet, an Android phone or an iPhone you can listen to Positive Life Radio any number of ways. There are many options. The quickest way on a computer, tablet or smartphone is to simply browse to the website - www.plr.org - and click on the Play button.

Give it a try and then share it with a friend. Thank you for taking us with you with the Positive Life Radio Netcast.