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Jul 19, 2012 13:24
Category: Religious News

Obama Drought - Prayer

WASHINGTON (AP) — Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says he's asking God and Congress to help farmers suffering from the worst drought in 25 years.

Vilsack met with President Barack Obama Wednesday to discuss a response to the drought.

The administration has declared drought disasters in one third of the counties in the country, making them eligible for assistance such as low interest loans. But Vilsack said Congress could approve additional disaster programs or provide more flexibility in the availability of credit.

Reminded that Texas Gov. Rick Perry led prayers for rain last year, the agriculture secretary said, "I get on my knees every day, and I'm saying an extra prayer now." He added, "If I had a rain prayer or rain dance I could do, I would do it."

Vilsack said three-fifths of the U.S. land mass and much of the country's corn and soybean crops have been affected by the lack of rain.