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Oct 23, 2012 17:47
Category: Station News

Pastor Setan Lee Visits

His story has brought thousands to know the Lord - and to know Him better. What a privilege it is for us to welcome Pastor Setan Lee to the Rice for Cambodia Campaign.

Pastor Setan Lee narrowly escaped death during what has been termed The Killing Fields of Cambodia in the early 70's. The Rocky Mountain News documented Setan's story. His story is one of many miracles and of amazing love shown to him - a love that he has dedicated his life to sharing with fellow Cambodians. 

Pastor Lee is the president of TransformAsia - a non-profit organization specifically for helping Cambodians find relief from poverty, to share the love of Jesus with them, and to train pastors and Bible workers in the country.

Listen for Pastor Setan Lee on the air during the Rice for Cambodia Campaign.

Watch Pastor Setan Lee share how Positive Life Radio listeners are making a difference.