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Mar 29, 2012 13:37
Category: Religious News

Pope - Cuba

HAVANA (AP) - Pope Benedict has demanded greater freedom for the
Catholic Church in Cuba. He did it during Mass before hundreds of
thousands of people Wednesday in the shrine of the island's
communist revolution, denouncing "fanaticism" that tries to
impose its truth on others.
     He offered the sermon before hundreds of thousands at Revolution
Plaza, with President Raul Castro in the front row. It was a
not-so-subtle jab at the island's leadership before a vast crowd of
Cubans, both in the sprawling plaza and watching on television. But
he also clearly urged an end to Cuba's isolation, a reference to
the 50-year U.S. economic embargo and the inability of 11 American
presidents and brothers Fidel and Raul Castro to forge peace.
     Later, the president's brother, revolutionary leader Fidel met
with Benedict. According to the Vatican, Castro grilled the pontiff
on changes in church liturgy and his role as spiritual leader of
the world's Catholics.