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< Movie - Son of God
Aug 20, 2014 13:26
Category: Station News

Positive Life Radio's "The Story Project"

The Story Project is a collection of stories about the people who matter most to this Positive Life Radio- the listeners. The goal of this project is to show how music can impact and change people’s lives. We are excited about what God’s doing, and we want to spread the word!

The stories come from people of all backgrounds who have responded to this ministry and have been touched by the music. This year, a collection of stories have been recorded and play through the day on the Positive Life Radio network. Listen in and be inspired! We certainly are. For more stories from previous years, you can find them our YouTube channel.

The Story Project highlights our mission, which is that we are a family who believes in Christ and feels compelled to share Him by creating and nurturing enduring friendships.

Positive Life Radio exists to provide a ministry to all people in hopes that lives would be changed by the music they hear. If you have a story to share about how God’s been working on your life, get in touch with us studio@plr.org.