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Dec 19, 2011 13:56
Category: Religious News

Religious Freedom Commisson

     WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. Commission on International Religious
Freedom has been re-authorized for three more years, but will lose
all of its most experienced commissioners.
     Hours before the agency that monitors persecution was to have
shut down, the House passed legislation that included a Senate
amendment retroactively limiting commissioners to two two-year
     The Reverend Richard Land, a Southern Baptist leader who has
served as a commissioner for most of the last decade, said the
commission's survival is far more important than his service on it,
and "always has been."
     Seven of the nine members of the U.S. Commission on
International Religious Freedom must now be removed within 90 days.
But its chairman, Leonard Leo, says he and other outgoing
commissioners will be available to offer advice to their
     In a statement, Congressman Frank Wolf said the commission
"speaks plainly about religious freedom abuses wherever they occur
in ways that the State Department can rarely muster."