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< Isreal - Draft
Jul 03, 2012 13:14
Category: Religious News

Romney - Isreal

WASHINGTON (AP) - An aide to Mitt Romney confirms that the GOP
presidential candidate is planning a trip to Israel this summer.
     No details were immediately available about exactly when and
where the candidate would visit. The aide spoke on the condition of
anonymity because the aide was not authorized to speak publicly
about the plans.
     The trip could help Romney shore up support among Jewish voters,
evangelicals and foreign policy hawks.
     During the GOP presidential primary, Romney accused President
Barack Obama of throwing Israel "under the bus." He has also said
his policy toward the Jewish state would be the opposite of
     Romney and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have a
longstanding friendship. Last year, Romney traveled to Israel and
met with Netanyahu as part of a trip that also brought him to
Afghanistan and Jordan.