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Sep 28, 2011 18:18
Category: Religious News

Rosh Hashana

     WASHINGTON (AP) - Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year that starts
this evening at sundown, is a holiday that begins what Jews call
the High Holy Days.
     That gives it a more solemn tone than the New Year that starts
with revelry on Jan. 1.
     The 10-day period of reflection will end Oct. 8 with Yom Kippur
-- the Day of Atonement.
     Associated Press correspondent Shelley Adler, who's Jewish, says
synagogues will be packed tonight, just as many churches have their
biggest crowds on Easter.
     On Yom Kippur, rabbis will lead their congregations in a prayer
of apology for sins committed against others in the past year, so
there can be forgiveness and a fresh start.
     Adler says the High Holy Days are a time when Jews perhaps feel
closest to God and pray that their names will be written in the
book of life for the coming year.