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Jun 03, 2013 17:40
Category: Announcer Blog

Sending Your Heart in a Letter

It’s a wonderful moment in our home when a letter from Dayana arrives – my wife has a big smile on her face and our kids do that “squeal of delight” thing that they do so well. Dayana is an 11-year-old little girl in Honduras. She’s a part of a Compassion project, and it is our privilege to sponsor her each month. Letters – they are powerful. Letters convey ideas, emotion, facts and much more. We learn about each other; friendships grow through letter writing. And in the case of Dayana, our Compassion child, letters let her know she is valued, that she is worth something incredibly huge in God’s eyes (as well as ours, of course!) Phyllis Theroux says, "To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart." All month long we are encouraging all who sponsor a child (through whatever agency) to write to them – to bless them with a simple word of encouragement. It is our Hands & Heart project for June.