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Jul 17, 2012 12:42
Category: Religious News

Stranded Choir

CINCINNATI (AP) — An Indonesian choir that missed its performances at the World Choir Games in Cincinnati because of travel troubles and ended up stranded has found generosity and an audience in the city.

The 49-member Gema Chandra Cendrawasih University Choir arrived shortly before closing ceremonies Saturday with little money, nowhere to perform and no way home. The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that residents helped, with a Batavia woman volunteering as a translator and an off-duty bus driver offering his services.

Meanwhile, organizers arranged for the singers to perform Sunday at churches and a convention center lobby. Some in the audience donated money, bringing the singers to tears. The nearly $3,000 will help them cover expenses.

Donations have made it possible for them to travel to San Francisco by bus to make their Friday flight home.