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Mar 06, 2012 13:52
Category: Religious News

Tebow - Las Vegas Church

 LAS VEGAS (AP) - The football star whose prayerful gesture has
been dubbed "Tebowing" says it's meant to be an act of humility.
     Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow attracted 20,000 people to
a Las Vegas church over the weekend.
     He told worshippers at Canyon Ridge Christian Church that he
takes a knee after a touchdown because, quote: "I want to humble
myself before the Lord and say thank you for this opportunity.
Thank you for letting me play the game I love."
     The 24-year-old Tebow talked about his teammates teasing him for
not cursing on the field, and he discussed his visits to orphans,
hospitalized children and jails. The honorarium he received for
speaking at the church was being donated to the Tim Tebow
Foundation, which is building a hospital in the Philippines.
     Beyond the Tebow-mania in the church auditorium and the overflow
tent outside, the church's pastor said more than 1,000 people
logged on to the church's website to watch one of the weekend