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Jun 25, 2013 13:08
Category: Announcer Blog

The Warm Fuzzy Jar

I'll admit it. I'm the first to find fault with my children. I'm always expecting them to be perfect. I get frustrated with the the small messes that come with raising children. I constantly have to remind myself that they're children, and not small adults.

When I read this article this afternoon, it really reminded me of how God loves me. How he overlooks all my mistakes and just sees me. He doesn't focus on the messes I make, but loves me unconditionally. The more I grow in Him, the more like Him I want to be. The less likely I am to keep making those same mistakes and messes.

I have a chance to show my kids every day how God loves me by loving and accepting them without focusing on the small mistakes and messes.

I'm starting a warm fuzzy jar today.

I loved this article so much I wanted to share it with you too. Enjoy!